Splatoon 2 Wig Suggestions

Splatoon 2 Wig Suggestions


Buttercup in Silver or Titanium Blonde

Inigo in Silver or Titanium Blonde

Rit Dyemore in Super Pink and/or Royal Purple

The Inigo is a more accurate length, while the Buttercup has longer bangs and a skin top for a side part. It appears she either has a side part, or super-short bangs, so it's up to your personal preference!

Our Sombra tutorial has some tips for creating ombre dyes with polyester stovetop methods, though Pearl's ombre should be less intense. Depending on the reference image you're using, you might use Super Pink alone, or combine Super Pink and Royal Purple for the color.


Buttercup in Pure White

Aurora Borealis

Rit Dyemore in Chocolate Brown, Royal Purple, and Peacock Green.

This is a tricky ombre job, but not impossible!

Our Sombra tutorial uses a similar method to get a darker color on top with a lighter color on bottom. Start with a diluted brown dye to get a light brown gradient before adding purple dye. Keep adding more purple and/or brown dyes for a darker color near the top of your wig. The brown step can be skipped if you're following the artwork instead of the game model. Thoroughly wash your pot before dyeing the bottom of your wig green. For the Titanium Blonde underside, you can add wefts or clip-in extensions. If you start with a curly wig style, you'll need to straighten the fibers and re-curl them after dyeing.

For a less styling-intensive option, our Aurora Borealis has purple on top with green fibers at the bottom; the blue could be swapped out with brown wefts for a more accurate look, and you can add Titanium Wefts or clip-in extensions as well. Alternatively use our Thin Mint Candy Striper, maybe with a plum 3/4 bang and some Titanium Blonde clip-ins or wefts.

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