Wig Suggestion Guide: Arcane

Wig Suggestion Guide: Arcane

With the Netflix series release of Arcane, the characters of League of Legends get a revival. In this suggestion guide we focus on the main characters and styles of the series, but we also add some of the classic characters from the game as well.



Wig Suggestion: Suzi or Tauriel in Electric Blue with Long or X-Long Wefts in Electric Blue 

Her hair is very iconic and the color is hard to find. Our widows peak lacefronts in Electric Blue are the perfect match for her Arcane or her classic hairstyle. You can also pluck out the hairline if needed but be careful not to tear the lace. We have a great tutorial with tips on how to do this. Depending on how long you want the braids, choose from Long or X-Long wefts (x-long wefts coming soon!) But keep in mind that wefts will become shorter once braided. You could also use Denim Blue for a darker, more blended look with the other shades.
If you are on a budget you can skip the wefts and use a Jareth or Leia (Coming Soon!) in Electric Blue with wefts and a glued hairline. Check out our glued hair tutorial on how to achieve this look.



Wig Suggestions: Kyle or Jareth in Raspberry or Hot Pink (Classic) and Apple Red (Arcane) 

VI’s hair is a very bright red and features her typical side cut. Her hairstyle is short with flippy strands to the side that can easily be styled. Follow our tutorial for tips! Using one of our undercut styles is the easiest way to create a fake side cut. You can also add additional wefts to the longer side, or you can also try to create your own side cut wig by following our Sombra tutorial!

For her classic look, a Jess would be a good option. Her hair is more pink than in the Arcane series and slightly longer. If you don’t want to use RIT dyes on the short part or for shadings, airbrush coloring, hair chalks, or Copic markers would do an awesome job too.

NEW and ARRIVING SOON: Jess in Raspberry Top/Dark Berry Sides and Jess in Berry Top/Dark Berry Sides just for Vi!


Wig Suggestions: Ken or Westley in Dark Brown

Viktor has a slightly swept back style that can be easily achieved when you trim the Ken and flip the hair upwards with a flat iron. If you’re on a budget you can also use a Westley. The hairline can be altered to any direction with some heat and you can leave some short hairs in the front to cover the hairline.  


Mel Medarda 

Wig Suggestions: Lindsay or Grace in Deep Brown or Black 

Mel is a beautiful young woman with a very complex updo hairstyle. Her locs can be shaped by texturizing jumbo braids. Check out our texturizing tutorials for more tips on how to achieve extra volume: Creating Texture with a Crimping Iron and Creating Texture with a Flat Iron. VickieBane also goes into helpful techniques for creating locs in a full wig in her Kaz Kahn tutorial. Mel's hair accessories can easily be made out of our 2-3mm lightweight EVA Foam!



Wig Suggestion: Luthien in Chroma Blue or Eowyn in Dark Blue; Viktor or Jeannie in Dark Blue for Ponytail version.

Caitlyn has two major hairstyles: down and sleek or in a high ponytail. Her hair color is something between Chroma Blue and Dark Blue, depending on your preference. Our Luthien comes in Chroma Blue but would need some straightening to achieve her look. Check out our straightening tutorial for three different straightening options. If you prefer Dark Blue, Eowyn would be a good option.

If you go for the ponytail version, a Viktor is a very good choice or a Jeannie if you are on a budget. Both can easily be trimmed and styled with heat or feathered out to lessen the weight. 



Wig Suggestions: Marty or Landon in Deep Brown or Black 

He has very short, slicked back hair that can easily be achieved with a lace front and some teasing in the front to create volume. If you are on a budget you can try a Miles with some teasing or a glued hairline like in our Zack tutorial



Wig Suggestions: Marty in Grey 

Silco has a very slicked back, short hairstyle that’s perfect for one of our short lace fronts. Just give the Marty a trim and it will turn you into the main villain. You can also add some streaks of Ash Black to make it more natural.

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