Genshin Impact (Inazuma): Wig Suggestion Guide

Genshin Impact (Inazuma): Wig Suggestion Guide

Since Inazuma’s release, we’ve seen lots of new faces! This guide features characters introduced in the 2.0+ updates as well as additional Mondstadt and Liyue characters released after our Liyue suggestion guide. 


Hu Tao

Ayumi plus Long Clips in Dark Brown

Our funeral parlor director has a tricky ombre! Adding Crimson wefts to brown tails is an easy solution. For a gradient dye, you can start with a red base and dye the brown areas with Rit Dyemore. View our Keqing Wig tutorial for help using Rit Dyemore or create a faux ombré using wefts.



Magnum Long in Berry plus Clip-in Extension in Crimson

With a little trimming in the back, our Magnum Long is a great choice for Rosaria. You can add a small Clip-in Extension in Crimson for the piece in front.

Our Rufus Shinra tutorial shows how you can trim layers shorter for a smoother back.



Ferrari or Nina in Light Pink

Both Nina and Ferrari can be straightened with heat! Ferrari has a more feathered bang while Nina has a bit more length and less layers in back. If you want to add the white tips, you can add wefts and feather the pink so it transitions into white, or you can start with a Silver or Pure White style and dye the top pink.




Ferrari in Dusty Blue

We have a tutorial for Eula using a Ferrari in Dusty Blue! She does have a few small silver highlights! You can add Clip-in Extensions for these.



Ferrari or Jareth in Silver

Ferrari has a button top at the crown while Jareth has a pre-teased top. Either one can be pulled back into a low ponytail, and you’d only need to do a little trimming and heat styling for the front! Watch our tutorial here to determine which top you’d prefer. The small red piece can be made from a Rust Red Clip-in Extension or by hand-coloring with sharpies. Our Ganyu tutorial has some visuals for styling wispy layers.



Magnum in Fairy Blonde or Champagne

Blow-dry or iron the curls of our Magnum down for a more accurate look! Champagne will be a more natural blonde while Fairy Blonde is more cartoon/anime-like. 



Luthien in Deep Emerald

Deep Emerald is an excellent choice for Baizhu! Our Luthien style has plenty of length for the braid in back. You can twist a portion into a bun, or add a Short Clip and shape/pin the hair into one.



Arwen or Le Tigre in Titanium Blonde

The icy Harbinger’s hair is quite long! Our Arwen style can be straightened with heat if you want a lacefront, or you could go for a Le Tigre if you’re on a budget. Add a couple matching Hairbuns to the back to complete the look!



Jeannie Small or Large in Light Grey

Our Jeannie is perfect for Ayaka with some trimming! The lightness of her hair varies between references, so you might go for Silver depending on your preference. View our tutorial for tips on how to trim your own bangs.




Heidi in Ash Blonde

Sayu’s has a little bit of length in the back, so we recommend starting with the Heidi and trimming the sides and bangs!



Jeannie Base in Pale Blonde

Texture and tease the tail for a fluffy look! You can add the orange tips with hair chalk, sharpie markers, or by carefully dip-dyeing with Rit Dyemore.

Our Akali tutorial has some tips for making a spiky ponytail as well as how to add color with hair chalk.



Derek in Light Blonde plus Clip-in Extensions

Thoma’s hair is easy with a Derek plus a couple clip-ins for the tail! If you want something golden but less saturated, Pale Blonde is an awesome alternative.


Yae Miko

Venus in Rose Pink or Princess Pink

The dropping rabbit ears can be styled with hair over foam, stiff felt, or thermoplastic supports. Here’s one example for making ears with hair. 



Kujou Sara

Inigo or Heidi in Dark Blue

Our Inigo style has enough length for the longer side of Sara’s asymmetrical bob. You can use some color spray for the lighter ends, or if you use a Heidi you can add Short Wefts for the lighter color and feather the blue to create a faux ombre effect. 


Raiden Shogun

Venus in Grape or Delilah in Snow White

Similar to the other Archons we’ve met thus far, Shogun has an iconic ombré of color! Dye the top of our Venus in Grape with Rit Dyemore to create this effect.

If you have a lot of experience styling and maintaining long wigs, we also have a tutorial for a full ombre dye + texturing on a Delilah.



Inigo in Shell Pink or Pink Pearl

Color references vary between more orange or more pink. Shell Pink and Pink Pearl are both lovely shades that would be a good match! You might also like Light Strawberry Blonde or Light Peach. Our Inigo style comes in most of these shades, and our Jaguar style comes in Light Strawberry Blonde. The easiest way to create Kokomi’s style is to trim the back short and curl it down to fake the updo, and then create her long hair bow out of wefts. Add Periwinkle long wefts and feather the top color to create a faux ombré effect.

Our Rufus Shinra tutorial shows how you can trim layers shorter for a smoother back.



Hansel or Jaguar in Sandy Brown

Our Hansel is an easier out-of-the-bag style while the Jaguar has a lightly teased top that allows extra versatility with a hair dryer. Add Silver or Pure White Short Wefts for the highlights!

Our Rengoku tutorial shows how to add splashes of color with carefully placed wefts. If you can’t find a fur in an exact color match for the ears, here’s one example for making ears with hair: 



Derek in Chroma Blue

You can carefully trim the lower back layers and curl them down to create a bowl cut. We recommend keeping at least an inch in length to avoid gaps!


Arataki Itto

Jareth Long or Suzi in Silver

Our Jareth Long and Suzi styles have a fluffy top and plenty of layers throughout! Suzi is a lacefront style if you want a more natural hairline, and you can color the front areas with a sharpie or artist marker. Sharpies can be used around the back ends as well, or you can add wefts or clip-in extensions. Our Kyojuro Rengoku tutorial shows how to create color transitions with wefts. 


Yun Jin

Nina in Dark Purple

If you smooth the curls of our Nina, it’s perfect for Yun Jin! Here’s how to straighten curls in a heat-resistant wig.



Venus in Silver or Light Grey

Venus is one of our thickest styles, which makes it perfect for styling Shenhe’s braid. You can dip dye the ends darker with a tiny bit of Graphite Rit Dyemore, and the braid can be made even thicker with extra wefts or texturing. See our Shogun tutorial for a combination of dye + texturing.

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