Get To Know Our Master Crafters: Crimsyn Cosplay

Get To Know Our Master Crafters: Crimsyn Cosplay

Favorite current anime/game/movie/show:

World of Warcraft, StarDew Valley, and The Witcher 3

Favorite nostalgic anime/game/movie/show:

Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Wind Waker, or Harvest Moon

Favorite convention:

Katsucon! I would LOVE to go to Dragoncon though!

Favorite cosplay I’ve made:

Ryuk is my favorite costume, but HIM is my favorite to wear because the interactions with people are so amazing! :)

Death Note

My costuming/crafting strengths:

Worbla and fabrication.

If I could improve one cosplay skill, it would be:

Makeup and keeping my craft room clean.

A quote that inspires me to keep going:

The Five Foot Rule: “If it looks good from 5 feet away then don’t worry about it!” - this helps me have more fun in the end instead of stressing out too much.

One thing I can’t live without at a convention:

A buddy to carry my badge and water bottle :,)

Weirdest thing to happen during a convention:

I met my neighbor in costume, but we had never met out of costume!

Best hashtag: #HumptyDumptyWasPushed

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