Malinda WWWIP Week 5

Malinda WWWIP Week 5

Hi again crafters! This week I focused more on Link’s cape, which features even more applique.

There's a tutorial for applique in my tunic blog (week 3), which you can see here.

I used a dark blue-ish grey suiting I found at the Chicago Fabric Discount Outlet for the base; I think it was a wool-look polyester suiting. All the applique fabrics were materials I had leftover from previous costume projects! 

Hylian set with cape reference

I took some artistic liberties with the cape’s shape. His cape is supposed to be a rectangle that drapes over the shoulders, but I thought it would be more practical to have a full circle cape for warmth. I'm wearing this to Katsucon, and Katsu is prone to blizzards.

You don’t need a pattern to create circle capes or skirts. I used the wide fabric I had to its fullest by folding it in half and taking a measurement between the fold and selvage. I then used my measurement as a guide to mark and cut my circle, starting at a pivot point near the center of my fold line. From that same point, I made a smaller circle that would be a little wider than my neck and cut down one half of the fold line to create an opening (you don’t need to do this for skirts).

I did have a commercial pattern with a hood and made some minor alterations to have a pointy shape in the back. I tried curving the front down just a tad, though I straightened it a bit later.

I’ll need to grab more fabric for the lining, as the original fabric I purchased wasn’t wide enough. When making circle skirts or capes, you’ll want to let your garment and lining hang on a mannequin overnight. The fabric could stretch along the bias, which might cause the bottom edges to be uneven. Trim the two pieces to match before you sew the lining to the garment.


Here's more applique using the same process as my week 3 blog. Just need to add the last few lines of white along the cape's edge and sew in the lining. See you next week!

Want to watch the applique process? Here's my latest video tutorial!


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