Crimsyn Cosplay WWWIP Week 5

Crimsyn Cosplay WWWIP Week 5

Construction of FiddleSticks’s straw

For this week, I wanted to focus on creating the hundreds of small straw details in the costume. These pieces mainly form the shoulder pads and helmet, with smaller details in the petticoat and gloves. I ended up crafting around 100 separate pieces that each take 5-7 minutes to craft and figured that would get me through the costume. However, it seems that I will probably need to craft 200 more, for a total of 300! Hah!

So, here is to dedication to detail and a Happy New Year!

Step One: Sectioning

For this costume, I wanted to utilize a wig from Arda Wigs in a creative manner, so I decided to create the straw pieces in FiddleSticks’s costume out of wig fibers in pale blonde.

The first step in this process is to section out all of the hair. I typically cut them around 1-2 inches wide with 4 overlapping weft layers. They slightly varied in sizes in order to make the assemblage look more natural and not super cookie-cutter.

Crimsyn's hay sections laying in two rows on a table

To keep things more collected and organized, I took a heat gun and melted the edges of each section so I could pick them up without hair going everywhere.

Step Two: Heat and ModPodge

In this next step, I covered the top side of the section of hair with ModPodge and lightly heated it. Then, I flipped the section over and repeated this again on the back side. This will lock the fibers together and strengthen them since they will be standing up in the end. Next, I rolled the section of hair long ways--like wrapping a sushi roll--and set it with more heat.

Straw on a grid Straw on a grid with a paintbrush

I then applied one last layer of ModPodge to this sushi roll of hair, and lightly set it with heat again. I wanted to make sure this had enough strength to stand straight up and have stability over time.


Step Three: Teasing

Next, I needed to create volume in these pieces of “straw” in order to achieve a nice proportion. With a fine-toothed comb, I teased 2-3 inches of one end of the sushi roll of hair and lightly set it with heat. Then, lightly brushed it back forward, which ended up making it look like a piece of wheat or straw.

If I wasn’t pleased with the shape, I just kept teasing and combing until I found the shape I wanted. I always ended up setting it with heat so it would stay in place.

Step Four: Nylon Zip-Ties

Now that the fibers are done with, I focused on working with the Nylon zip ties. I always love to incorporate unconventional materials into my costumes, and I figured zip ties were the perfect shape for the job and would also give additional support!

First thing I did was dye the zip ties with Rit in the color Sandstone. Nylon absorbs dye quick, so this step was super easy. After that, I cut down the middle of each Zip-Tie (longways) to give the illusion of more material.

Step Five: Mass Production

The last step for these details is so glue the two pieces together!

I slightly curled the zip ties with a bit of heat, and simply glued the wig fibers onto them with some hot glue.


Now…. REPEAT steps 1 through 5…. 300 TIMES!

 300! Yes! That many times!

I worked in about batches of 25-30


Step Six: Attachment

The final step is attaching each straw piece to the costume. Since I only created 100 pieces, I was able to attach those, but will continue to make more into the next week. Fortunately, I was able to finish all of the straw on the headpiece!


Then, I created a tiered shoulder pad with Thibra and craft foam. These tiers will help organize the application of the straw details and give them the ability to fan-out for more volume.

Finally, I added the rest of the straw details I had. Featuring my cat shirt. ;)


See you next week!! :)

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