Malinda WWWIP Week 7

Malinda WWWIP Week 7

I can’t believe it’s already week 7! If you’ve been keeping up with my original schedule, you’ve probably noticed I’m behind. Those goals were created with the full costume in mind, which includes props. I think the part that set me back the most was the circle cape, which took a lot more time than a smaller, rectangular cape would. The original Sheikah Slate plans also fell through, but I have a backup plan using a 3D printed kit.

Kit by Pixelbash Props on Etsy


My first priority for week 7 was fixing the pants. This is one of the first things I made, but I wasn’t as happy with the fit. I undid my topstitching on the sides, took them in a tad, and re-did the topstitching. The bottoms have stirrups made from elastic, which will keep them tucked into my boots.

For the boots, I altered a pair from Amazon by cutting off the tops. I repurposed the edge binding by undoing the stitching from the cut pieces and hand-sewing them around the “tabs” I left in the front of the boots.


I used a soft leather for the tops. I had a failed dye attempt, so I hid my shame with Mustard Angelus paint. 

The soft leather was pretty tough to sew through with a leather needle, so I punched holes in it first before sewing them to the boots. I added some extra detail to the back seams, and the stitching to the boots is concealed along the inside.


I own some shoe lifts for extra height, and luckily they fit! They actually come with extra layers, but only the main layer will fit comfortably in most of my shoes.

I also got started on the arm wraps which is…surprise: MORE APPLIQUÉ. That’s what this costume is. “Appliqué for Days.” Stay tuned next week for those.

It’s been a rough week and I don’t want to get sick, so progress was a bit slower than usual. Don’t forget your health is more important than a costume, so be sure to rest up!

At this point, I’m confident the costume itself and the Sheikah Slate will be completed. I probably won’t have time for the bow and quiver, but I might be able to rig my Twilight Princess sword and shield to be right-handed.

Here are my goals for the remainder of WWWIP:

Week 8 blog: finish arm wraps, make belts

Week 9 blog: dye leather, start assembly/painting slate

Week 10 blog: finish slate, possibly with LEDs if there’s enough time.


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