Kyle WWWIP Week 6

Kyle WWWIP Week 6
Hello everyone! This is Kyle with my week 6 progress update. This week I put together the tail feathers of the Snowquill outfit top and patterned out the boots and archer's glove. Let's take a closer look!

To assemble the feathers, I first used Heat'n'Bond to attach the white fabric to the red, and then the black tips over the white. I satin stitched the edges of each layer I added to give it a nice appliqué finish. A heavy interfacing was ironed to one side of each feather, and stabilizer was used on the other when satin stitching. The halves were then sewn together at the sides to create an outer and inner shape. I sewed those shapes together with right sides facing each other, and then turned the whole thing right side out and cleaned up the edges.

Here is the completed look. I designed the tail feathers to be detachable from the top so it will be easier to take bathroom breaks if needed. I will be posting a video with details, along with other cosplay convenience hacks, so stay tuned!

To begin the patterning process for the boot covers, I took measurements of the height and top width of the existing boot that I would be using. I drew a vertical line down the middle as a mirror point for the pattern.

I drew half of the design by taking measurement estimations based on my reference pictures. I consistently used the height of the toe and heel as points of comparison to my drawings to see if the sizes and shapes matched the references.

Once I had one side drawn, I cut that side out, folded the paper on the center line, and traced it onto the other side of the pattern to get the completed piece

I taped the pattern together around the boot to see how it fit. It looks good so far, and the final should be cut out and constructed by next week.

The archer's glove underwent a similar process to the boots, using the existing gloves as a base for the measurements of this new glove.

This glove will be a thicker leather, so if our machines can't handle it I may end up using an awl to sew it together. Tune in next week to find out!

Speaking of the gloves, here is the most current picture of the gloves and bracers, as well as my progress on the torso leather armor.

Thank you all for reading, and don't forget to tune in Thursday evenings from 6-8pm CST on our Facebook page as we stream more content and answer any questions you may have!

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