Malinda WWWIP Week 9

Malinda WWWIP Week 9

We’ve entered week 9, and the crunch is real! This is Malinda again, this time with something other than appliqué to share.


The Sheikah Slate kit from PixelBashProps comes with some handy instructions. Since I’m adding lights, I needed to make some extra channels for the wires to go through or for lights to sit inside. I marked them with a sharpie first, and Kyle did the drilling and sanding while I held it in place. Not gonna lie, this part terrified me because I’m not experienced with power tools and didn’t want to screw it up. Bless Kyle.

I didn’t have time to order the suggested paints, but Amazon Prime DID have the liquid mask. I used this to cover the areas that needed to light up, as they’re difficult to mask with tape. This stuff was a bit hard to control for small areas because it’ll stick to paint brushes, but I was able to use a sewing pin to get into small corners. The handle alone took me 1.5-2 hours, and I had to use my thumbnail to push the latex down around edges where it went a bit too far.

Once masked, the priming and painting began! I love enamel paints for their durability, though you must make sure to recoat within an hour or after 48 hours to avoid odd wrinkling textures. The main slate requires two colors to be painted, so I’ll need to wait a couple days before I can add brown.

The brown paint was too light when I tested it.  I resolved this by doing a coat of black before dusting the brown over it. I like the texture this created; it looks like a smoothly carved stone.

Though I’m still waiting on the belts, I made sure to get the rest of the leather pieces completed that I was able. This included the pouches and shoulder piece for the baldric. With most leather pieces, I’ve been able to form it with my hands after getting the leather wet. To shape the baldric I used a ruler that matched the size of the belt. I pressed a modeling tool into the sides, and once dry it adhered to a flat piece of leather with contact cement. Another handy tip: I like to use a hole punch tool for stitching leather. It lessens the strain on my hands while sewing, and my stitches often look nicer. The stitching on the inside can look messy as long as the outside looks nice!

Next week is the last blog! I hope you are looking forward to seeing everything come together as much as I am.


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