Master Crafter Jess: Week 3

Master Crafter Jess: Week 3

Hey there, crafters!

This week I’m going to be working on my wings!

I’m going to be using McCall’s “Flight” pattern as a starting point for my base. I pulled out the pieces and then taped them together so I could get the shape I needed.

I’m going to be using PVC, fleece, and batting as the base for my structure. This will give it a little more heft than just using a layer of fabric on its own; I want them to be strong enough to hold thousands of feathers!

Wow, he big!

The pattern actually contained a really handy guide for building supports into your wigs, so I’m going to use it! Normally when making PVC wings, you’d bend the PVC to form to the outside shape of the wing, but I think this suggestion from the pattern is a great way to add more structure and heft to the base shape.

I marked the guidelines one at a time and then heated and bent the PVC to get the final shape! (I used my shoulder as a brace for the larger bends!)

All done!

Next, I sandwiched the bent PVC between the two layers of fleece and batting and sewed it all together. Since the wings are so large and awkward, I ended up sewing them both on the floor. I included a few horizontal lines across the center of the wing to secure the batting in place.

I’m really happy with it!


Next Week: Feathers! See you then!

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