MISSION: START! Meet Master Crafter Kyle and our models!

MISSION: START! Meet Master Crafter Kyle and our models!

At ease, Cadet! My name is Kyle, and I will be helping to create outfits for the five original characters designed by Waking Oni for our CHROMAWING: DELTA original series! Each week I will be working on a new step to take these from concepts to finished costumes. Here is a rough idea of what you can expect to see from me each week!

Week 1: Patterns

In our first week we'll be laying the foundation for everything to come! I will be taking measurements of all of our models, and then using those measurements to create jacket patterns based on the five characters. We'll pick our fabric out this week and lay the groundwork for what we plan to do design-wise in the coming weeks.

Week 2: Dyeing and Cutting

We want our design to be cohesive and all our characters to look like they come from the same universe. Because of that, we'll be dyeing a lot of our fabrics for the jackets so they stay true to our theme. Dyeing is a great skill to learn, so come watch us as we try to get the perfect colors. We'll also be cutting out and mocking up all of the pattern pieces for the outfits.

Week 3-5: Sewing

Sewing can sometimes be busy-work, but it can also be fun and challenging. This week we'll use this time to sew together all of the jackets and pants and make some additional design choices on technique. Do we want to top stitch? Appliqué? Create the headache of homemade bias tape? How will we approach the challenges of the standing collars or mixing stretch and non-stretch fabrics? We'll figure all that out this week!

Week 6: Boots

Boot covers are an amazing way to create a specific cut and look from entirely mundane materials. For this week's challenge I will be patterning, cutting out, and sewing together boot covers for the outfits. We've got some really iconic, specific-looking designs in our boots, so we want to make sure we make them look top-notch.

Week 7: Belts and Accessories

This week is the accessories week! We will be creating custom belt buckles and pins for the outfits. Come by if you want to learn some of the basics of metalsmithing and fabrication!

Week 8: Capes

Going into the home stretch, this week we will pattern, cut out, and sew together the capes for all of the outfits, as well as fine-tuning any details with our outfits and creating any props we have time for.

Week 9: Wrapping Up

This week will be used to complete anything that may not have been finished by this point, which, as all of you know, is often more things than you anticipate. We're almost there now, and we'll be doing our final fitting as well as creating any last-minute pieces that (we hope) won't be too huge!

Week 10: Photoshoot

We can't consider this project complete without some photos! This week will be dedicated to a photoshoot of all the models in their finished outfits. Come see what sort of sets or locations we're able to whip up, and meet our photographer!

I hope you will come to watch us work each Tuesday, and hopefully, we can all complete our winter crafting projects by the end of our series. Come work with us and challenge yourself to get whatever costumes you have planned ready for the new con season!

And now, meet our models!

Tomo as Caine, Catherine as Jeannie, Eric as Vern, Madi as Venus and Kyle as Marty

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