Winter Weekly WIP 2018 -- Mission: Chromawing Delta

Winter Weekly WIP 2018 -- Mission: Chromawing Delta

In a universe closer than you think, in a not-too-distant future, a team of talented technicians and soldiers fight to uphold the Galactic Balance. The diligent, dedicated pilots of the Chromawing have served and protected the Planetary Alliance for decades as the galaxy’s first, last, and best line of defense against incursion.

However, a militant force from the outlying Frontier Nebulas, dissatisfied with their exclusion from the Planetary Alliance, have amassed an army in secret. Lead by the merciless Advisor Marty and calling themselves Vectors, they have sworn to overthrow the Alliance at all costs and rebuild the galaxy as they see fit. With the aid of a powerful technology developed and built in secret, the Vectors unexpectedly decimated Chromawing Squadron ALPHA, leaving the Alliance reeling and the galaxy in fearful turmoil.

It's now up to DELTA squadron, the last of the Chromawing army and the galaxy's only remaining hope.

Will they prevail? Find out, in CHROMAWING: DELTA!


“When creating the Pilots and Vectors, my immediate goal was to pay homage to some of the classic anime I was revisiting at that time. Shows like Robotech, Samurai Trooper (Ronin Warriors), and Mobile Suit Gundam were some of my favorite series and you’ll be sure to find bits and pieces of them woven into each character. I went through many iterations and sketches of the first character, Caine, because I really wanted to get the hair and eyes just right. After completing Caine's design, designing the rest of the characters came much more easily.”

-- Derrick Fields (WakingOni)


When choosing a direction to go with these costumes, the first thing that really jumped out at us, informed our fabric decisions, and the way we wanted the characters to look was the military aspect of the designs. We wanted to go in a way that would feel futuristic as well as evoke that starched-collar, tight ship feel of old military uniforms. Military uniforms from the early and mid 20th century are generally made of a very specific type of wool which is hard to come by and doesn’t come in many colors, so instead we gravitated to lighter wovens like twill for the jackets for Delta squadron, and the jackets and the trousers for the Vectors. The Vectors especially reminded us of the clean, tailored lines of the Imperial uniforms from Star Wars, so we wanted to stay in that wheelhouse when thinking about their outfits.

For Delta squadron, since they are the more futuristic fighter pilots, we did want to incorporate some fluid, cool, futuristic fabrics to hearken back to the feel of Evangelion and Interstella 5555. So, we looked to the ultrapremes and spandexes in Yaya Han's CosplayFabrics line. There were a few fabrics in particular we thought would look really cool with the jackets (that Ultrapreme blue, mmm-mm) and we're really excited for the challenge of incorporating these two seemingly very opposite materials together into one garment.

We hope you're excited as we are to get started, and we will see you at the finish line!

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