Meet Master Crafter Crimsyn!

Meet Master Crafter Crimsyn!

Artwork by Zach Fischer Designs

Light Fury Transformation

Post #1: Introductions

Hi Everyone!
My name is Matt, but online I go by the alias “Crimsyn”! This year will be my third year being a Master Crafter for Arda Wigs and I am thrilled to be a part of this event again. Arda really pushes me to create elaborate and crazy costumes that I end up being so incredibly proud of, so I am ecstatic to start again this year!

Since last year’s costume of Fiddlesticks, I have been really inspired by the drag community. Recently, I have been practicing some drag techniques on my Instagram by playing with makeup and padding out the body. However, I want to push my creativity to the limits and do my first ever drag cosplay costume! I am inspired by other artists and cosplayers online such as Zach Fischer and Jessica Nigri, and I love the movie and TV show ‘How to Train Your Dragon’. SO!, I have decided to cosplay the NEW dragon Light Fury from How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World and debuting her right after Katsucon 2019! I will be basing my designs off of the artistic rendering of an armored Light Fury by Zach Fischer Designs.

Not only am I testing my cosplaying creativity, but also my knowledge in drag! Stay tuned every week to see the latest updates of my project, where I will share cosplay AND drag blogs!

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