WWWIP 2018 Week 2: Kyle

WWWIP 2018 Week 2: Kyle

Hello everyone!

For the first week, I created one of two patterns that will be used for our five outfits. I started by taking measurements of myself and the other models. I then drafted a flat pattern using my measurements as a guide. Once I finished the first draft of the pattern I made a mockup and tried it on. I took close-up shots of areas that I needed to modify and then made the necessary changes in a second draft of the pattern by moving my lines inward or outward, depending on if I needed less or more room. I made a second mockup to make sure these changes were good worked before considering it ready for the final fabric.

My pattern pieces. I like to work in a box when drawing my patterns so I know how long my lines need to be based on the measurements I took. I base the box off of the longest vertical and horizontal measurements of my body in relation to the garment I’m making, and then I draw the shapes of the pattern in based on where those measurements fall. It also helps me to know if my pattern will fit on my piece of paper! So for the front piece of this jacket, I’d be looking at the measurement of the base of my neck to the bottom of the jacket for length, and for width, I used my hip measurement, because it’s slightly wider than my chest.


My mockup, sewn together. You can see it fits pretty well, but I need to give my arm holes a bit of extra room in the back so that it will lay properly when I move my arms in my sleeves. I’ll edit this when I make my second mockup.

On this week's stream I will be dyeing some of the fabric for the outfits and by the end of the week, I aim to have everything cut out and ready to sew together.

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