WWWIP 2019 Week 8: Ali Mahou

WWWIP 2019 Week 8: Ali Mahou

Runaan image courtesy of The Dragon Prince
Right photo by Amaleigh Photography

Hi again and welcome back!

This week I made a shoulder pauldron and the small hair pieces! I’m also going to share my favourite tip for transporting styled wigs.

Again, I used EVA foam sheets from Arda Wigs Canada (Read more about the new types of EVA foam sheets here!). I also used 10mm Half Dowels from Arda Canada for detail work on the hair accessories.


My favourite way to make hair accessories for wigs is to line them or back them with the “hook-side” of Velcro so that they don’t slip down or off at any point. Keep in mind that the plastic backing of Velcro doesn’t glue well to EVA foam, so I first sew it to felt before gluing it to the foam.

The pauldron is super simple and made using both 6mm Form-Lite and 2mm Hard-Lite foam. I carved the details in with an X-Acto knife and heated them up with my heat gun so the detail would become more prominent.

Now these just need to be sealed, primed, and painted, and I’ll be close to done with the accessories! Keep in mind that I like to paint all accessories at the same time to avoid differences in my paint mixes!

Lastly for this week, here’s a quick tip for transporting wigs! I purchased a few cylindrical yarn/knitting bags with a hard/plastic base and sides. I slip my wig (on a head) down into these types of bags, and they protect it while also giving me a great handle!


Thanks for joining me! We’re so close to the end now! Wish me luck!

- Mahou ☆

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