WWWIP 2019 Week 9: Kyle

WWWIP 2019 Week 9: Kyle

Hello everyone!

We are starting to wrap up our weekly winter series for this year, and I am getting closer to my goal. I have been bouncing around a lot over the past few weeks but I finally have some of the jackets finished enough to show you some progress pictures!

Cadet jacket #1 just needs the trim, pocket flaps, and cuffs.

Cadet jackets #2 and #3 are 2/3rds done.
Villain #2 needs sleeves, cuffs, collar, and trim.
Villain #1 needs collar, cuffs, and trim.


I would also like to share a trick I use to shorten the length of zippers in outfits. This trick can come in handy if you happen to have extra zippers lying around or can't find one in quite the right length.

First, figure out the measurement you need based on your project and mark it on each side with a pin. Add about two inches to that length and cut the zipper.

Disclaimer: I used an older pair of fabric scissors and carefully cut between the teeth to avoid nicks on the blades. Be sure you’re not using your nicer fabric scissors for this step!


This next step is optional, but will add a bit of finesse. If you have a pair of needle nose pliers you can carefully loosen the stopper on the original ends using the wire clipper as a wedge. Remove the teeth past your new end point and clamp the stoppers into place.

Fold the excess length at a 90 degree angle and pin in place. Pin your zipper to the garment according to your pattern directions and sew into place.

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