WWWIP Week 7 Crimsyn Cosplay

WWWIP Week 7 Crimsyn Cosplay

Installing Attachments and Dyeing

Step One: Nylon Straps and Buckles

The first thing to do this week was to attach and secure the shoulder pads. To do that I am using nylon straps and flat plastic buckles. The shoulder pads will need to be attached after I have the tunic  on, but still tucked underneath the fabric around the shoulders. To create this look, I figured that creating straps that connect to the corset would be the best solution. Not only will these be secure, but the straps will all be hidden underneath the tunic!

I started out by hot gluing the buckles onto the shoulderpads.

(I found out later that this was not the most secure way to attach the buckles, and will soon use thermoplastic in order to strengthen the attachment.)


Step Two: Elastic in the Straps

Next, I needed to create the straps that extended from the corset to the shoulderpads. I have done this method once before, and found some comfort and restriction issues with my movement. Learning from that experience, I decided to add elastic at the base of the straps in order to give them a bit more movement and comfort.

Step Three: Pre-Fitting and Adjustments

A test run is always important before wearing the costume, so I tested the corset and shoulder pad combo to see if it was working. It actually worked extremely well, and the elastic made everything much more comfortable. With this fitting test, I found it necessary to add a horizontal strap connecting the shoulderpads to create a more secure fit. Other than that, everything worked swimmingly!

Step Four: Dyeing Burlap

Before I did the attachments for the legs, and a FULL costume test, I needed to dye a bunch of burlap! I did some small sample test dyes for the green and red RIT dye to figure out the best color match for my reference picture. Once I got the green right, I dyed the petticoat, tunic, and a sheet of extra burlap. Then, once I got the red-orange color right, I dyed two large sheets of burlap for the scarf and the small scraps patched onto the tunic.

Step Five: Full Costume Fitting

The last part was the fitting test!!!

I figured out what the best order to put everything on was, and had my friend strap me into everything. The arms and legs are just elastic loops attached to the limbs that I can slip on.

Having a fitting test a couple weeks before a convention is extremely helpful, because you have time to address any uncomfortableness or things that cause issues in the fitting. Luckily, just about everything went on pretty nicely but I did have some issues here and there.

Step Six: Tips and Tricks

Here is a list of all the things I discovered after my fitting test that can hopefully serve as tips for some people!

  • Do not sew anything directly onto undergarments or clothes that are worn as the bottom layer of clothing - always use VELCRO if it is necessary to attach.
  • If you are attaching shoulder pads to a harness, use ELASTIC to create flexibility and breathability in the straps. Whether it is easy to tell or not, your shoulders are always moving when you walk and breathe, so the straps cannot be stiff!
  • For complex costumes - write down the order you put things on. This will help at conventions and prevent any awkward maneuvers into a costume or it could even prevent damage to the costume. You may even need a friend to help you!
  • Lastly, DO NOT use hot glue for joints or parts that need to be super secure! That should be a given, but hot glue is everyone's best friend!



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