WWWIP Week 8 Crimsyn Cosplay

WWWIP Week 8 Crimsyn Cosplay
Construction of the Sickle
Crimsyn Cosplay

Step One: Cutting Foam

The first step in creating the weapon is to map out the pattern.

In the game, the weapon seems to be smaller and held in one hand, but it the League of Legends Splash Art, the weapon seems to be very large and held with two hands. So of course, I had to make the largest weapon I could: standing at 5’7”. I tweaked a couple of the curves after this picture to make the shape more true to the in-game shape.

Step Two: PVC Pipe

Next, I traced the pattern onto pink insulation foam and cut it all out (I cut the pattern out twice to give thickness). Then, to give extra stability to the thin handle, I added a PVC pipe that is embedded inside. To do this, I hollowed out the middle of the foam with a box knife and hot glued the pipe inside - make sure to hollow out both of the foam pattern pieces that were cut out).

To curve the PVC pipe, I just heated the pipe up with A LOT of heat and eventually, it became malleable enough to move and flex.

Step Three: Carving and Sanding

This next step is simple: just a BUNCH of carving and sanding pink insulation foam. This creates a HUGE mess and is best to do while you sit inside a trash bag; it makes cleanup much easier!

I started with carving the joint between the handle and the blade because I am overly worried about it breaking. Once I finished carving into the joint, I covered it with Thibra to give extra strength and protection. Then I continued carving and sanding away forEVER!


Step Four: Thibra

After cleaning up all of the pink insulation foam off the ground, I was able to cover the entire sickle with Thibra. It took about ¾ of a large sheet of Thibra. I actually worked in sections to cover the piece because it's easier to manage with heat, and Thibra is so easy to blend seams that you can’t even tell its multiple pieces. This also helped me save Thibra by lessening the number of scraps in the end.


Step Five: Details and Texture

The final step for this week was covering the entire sickle with texture!

I chose to use a wood texture for the handle and a hammered metal texture for the sickle blade. I used a wooden clay tool for the wood texture and my fingers and fingernails for the hammered texture.

My hopes are that textures mixed with the shading of the final paint job will really create a fun detailed weapon!

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