WWWIP Week 8 MC Erin: Knee Armor Progress!

WWWIP Week 8 MC Erin: Knee Armor Progress!

Hello again, it’s Erin of the Foam Corps with continued knee armor progress!

I started off by adding beveled edges to the front knee plates. I decided to use Apoxie Sculpt clay since it’s smooth and very easy to form sharp edges with. This was just a matter of patience using water, clay tools, and my hands.

While the trim cured, I started working on the lower front shin flange…thing. I built these identically to how I made the gauntlets--paper pattern, thin cuts to form the grooves, and Worbla.

I used a large PVC pipe to shape the Worbla pieces to a nice even curve.

I wanted these pieces to have a little more dimension, so I lightly heated the bottom scalloped parts and flared them outward a bit by hand. A minor detail, but I think it makes the pieces look a lot more interesting.

These still need the center emblem, and I am debating adding a bit of trim or something for added visual interest. We’ll see.

Last part of the front knee was the weird wings coming off the sides. You probably know the drill by now!

I have a few details to add, but here is roughly what the front knees will look like all together. Definitely a strange-ish piece of armor, but I think it turned out nice so far!

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