Blue Lock: Wig Suggestion Guide

Blue Lock: Wig Suggestion Guide

Yoichi Isagi

Caine in (CL-078) Black or (CL-039) Raven

Yoichi has a simple short hairstyle that's easily made from a Caine. In the manga, he has dark blue hair and our Raven would be perfect for that. If you go with the anime version, his hair is black. 



Seishiro Nagi 

Hansel in (CL-082) Silver or (CL-083) Pure White

Seishiro has short and scruffy white hair, depending on your preference, a Hansel in White or slightly muted Silver would be a good choice. 



Meguru Bachira 

Vivien or Heidi in (CL-078) Black plus wefts in Light Blonde (CL-060) or Yellow (CL-061)

Meguru’s hairstyle is a ruffled, layered bob style with yellowish blonde strands at the neck area. That can be achieved with a Vivien, if you want to have more freedom in trimming and a Heidi, if you don’t want to trim a lot. The yellow highlights can be added with wefts. 



Hyoma Chigiri 

Luthien in (CL-004) Apple Red or (CL-005) Cherry Red

Hyoma has very silky, long red hair. For a long and flowy version, a Silky Luthien may be an easily maintainable option. If you go for a shorter version, an Eowyn would be an excellent choice that’s easily recyclable for other cosplays. 


Shōei Barō 

Morpheus or Malinda in (CL-078) Black

Shoei has a gravity defying hairstyle. A Morpheus is a good choice for a lacefront option. If you’re on a budget, a Malinda is the non-lace equivalent.  


Rin Itoshi 

Blue Steele or Lulu in (CL-078) Black
Rin has nearly the same hairstyle as Yoichi, however his bangs are a bit longer and more feathered. That might be a good option for our Blue Steele or Lulu, as the bangs can be shortened as desired but the back is already short. 



Rensuke Kunigami 

Jett in (CL-064) Light Copper Red 

His short and overall fluffy style can be best accomplished with a Jett that also comes in the perfect color for him! Just fluff it up and tease a bit for a sturdier hairstyle. 



Anri Teieri 

Inigo in (CL-070) Chocolate

The young woman features a braided, shoulder-length hairstyle in a very warm brown. With a bit of teasing and texturizing, an Inigo would be a good choice for her style. For extra hair, some wefts may be added for the braids. 



Reo Mikage 

Landon in (CL-023) Grape or Eowyn in (CL-020) Ultraviolet

Reo’s hair is a nice and rich purple with a clean haircut. A Landon would be an optimal choice for him. However when you’re on a budget or want to make his ponytail style, you may find a good solution in an Eowyn in Ultraviolet.

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