The Owl House: Wig Suggestion Guide

The Owl House: Wig Suggestion Guide

Luz Noceda

Jareth or Skyelar in (CL-074) Spanish Brown

The main protagonist is a cute human teenage girl with fluffy brown hair and several hairstyles. A Jareth would be suitable if you want it more cartoonish and with bigger spikes, while a Skyelar would serve a more natural look. Dark Brown is a good alternate color if Spanish Brown in unavailable. Benny or Hansel also make good ready to wear options for her earlier season looks.



Eda Clawthorne

Tauriel in (CL-081) Light Grey

Eda’s hair is voluminous and round shaped so the wig would need some texturizing and teasing to accomplish that. A Tauriel would be a perfect start for that as it already has a widow’s peak. Add some (Cl-082) Silver or (CL-083) Pure White highlights with ventilating or glue for her side streaks. 




Kyle or Hansel in (CL-053) Ash Blonde 

Hunter normally has a neat undercut for which a Kyle is already perfect. The darker gradient may be painted with some hair chalks or airbrush color. For his current hairstyle a Hansel would be a good choice. 



Emira Blight 

Grace in (CL-047) Dark Green or (CL-048) Emerald Green

The oldest Blight sister has a bright Emerald braided Ponytail. A Grace could be managed into her style with some teasing and an extra weft. 



Edric Blight

Magnum in (CL-048) Emerald Green or Vivien in (CL-047) Dark Green

Emira’s twin brother has the same hair color with fluffy bangs. Go for a Magnum if you want his style to look more natural and short. A Vivien would be more versatile if you have a big head or a lot of hair to adjust the length. 


Amity Blight

Jane in (CL-025) Lilac or (CL-026) Ice Violet

The third Blight sibling has a fluffy bob style and a Jane would suit her very well. You can comb out the curls and tame them with some heat or straighten them out easily. Both colours would be a good match, Ice Violet is a bit colder and blueish while Lilac is warm and more pinkish. 


Lilith Clawthorne

Dany or Grace in (CL-038) Dark Blue 

Lilith’s long dark navy hair would be well portrayed by a lacefront such as our Dany or by a Grace when you are on a budget. While Dark Blue is a good match for her hair, Midnight Blue would be more perfect. If the color is extremely important to you, a Ferrari can be formed into a bangless and longer style with some long wefts. Or you try to mix Midnight Blue into the Dark Blue wig for your own unique blend! 


Willow Park

Grace or Ferrari in (CL-045) Mako Green with Mint highlight. 

Willow has two fluffy, shoulder length braids. Our Mako Green is a great match together with a clip-in in Mint for her front highlight. Tease the hair thoroughly to achieve her fluffy hair and braid it with the pinching technique. 

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