Chainsaw Man: A wig suggestion guide

Chainsaw Man: A wig suggestion guide


Hansel or Magnum in (Cl-059) Ginger Blonde / (CL-058) Yellow Blonde

The main protagonist has very scruffy short hair in his Human Form, for which a Hansel or Magnum would be perfect right out of the bag. 

If you want to learn how to create the fluffy style try our tutorial about Flippy Layers




Nina in (CL-002) Maroon or Buttercup in (CL-005A) Rust Red 

The beautiful deuteragonist has her hair in a low braid and straight bangs, A Nina or a Buttercup with some trimming would be perfect. 

Follow our Raiden Shogun Tutorial for a clean and precise braid. 



Aki Hayakawa

Jeannie in (CL-078) Black and Magnum Long in (CL-078) Black 

The former Devil Hunter wears his hair in a top knot style in his human form and a Jeannie without the ponytail would be fitting for him. If a slight blue tint is needed, a Jeannie in Raven would be fine too. For his Fiend form, a Magnum Long would be a good choice. 




Buttercup in (CL-052A) Aria Blonde or Grace in (CL-052) Dark Ash Blonde

Her hair falls in her face and with some trimming and straightening a Grace would be a perfect choice. In illustrations her hair is described as a Light Pink. If you prefer the pinkish color, a wig in (CL-017A) Light Strawberry Blonde and (CL-017B) Pink Pearl would be best. 



Eowyn in (CL-081) Light Grey

The formidable fighter wears her light grey hair in a low ponytail draped over her shoulder. Her parting is long and an Eowyn would be perfect to create said parting.



Kyle in (CL-081) Light Grey 

Captain Kishibe has already grayed hair. To make it look more natural the undercut can be dyed with hair chalk or copic markers.

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