Spy x Family: Wig Suggestion Guide

Spy x Family: Wig Suggestion Guide

Loid Forger

Kyle or Landon in (CL-055A) Champagne / (CL-053) Ash Blonde 

The main protagonist is decorated with blonde hair, Champagne or Ash Blonde would fit him well. Depending on your budget a Kyle could be a good choice as his hair seems to be very short around the neck. If you want to go more natural a Landon would be the perfect lace option for a swept back style. Watch our Rufus Shinra tutorial to get a grip on layering and trimming. 

Anya Forger 

Inigo in (CL-011) Bubblegum / (CL-012) Light Pink 

The cute Telepath has a shoulder length, fluffy bob style. Our Inigo already has the perfect base for this style and just needs some trimming, fluffing and creating her Ahoge. Our Paimon Tutorial can be a good help with creating a fluffy bob style! 

Yor Forger 

Ayumi or Eowyn in (CL-078) Black 

The beautiful Thorn Princess tugs her hair over her head to create her face framing locks. Both wigs are a good choice depending on how much work you want to put into the wig. The Ayumi comes with the perfect form right out of the bag, while the Eowyn would need some styling and thinning to cross the hair on top of the head. Our Braid Tutorial could give you an idea on how to deal with the Eowyn when creating her updo. 

When using an Ayumi you can add two Odango Buns in Black to imitate her amount of hair in the back, without adding too much weight. 

Yuri Briar 

Magnum Long or Vivien in (CL-078) Black

Yor Forgers younger brother has a chin length Bob style and jet black hair. If you want to go for a less layered style you can straighten and trim a Vivien to the desired length. For a more layered and flippy style you can use a Magnum Long and trim the bangs. 

Fiona Frost  

Amber or Eowyn in (CL-025A) Pale Lilac

The undercover assistant also has a chin length bob with very straight edges, different from Yuri. Her hair is described as a pale lavender color and our pale lilac would suit the color description well. Both wigs would need a good trim and some thinning in the front. Make use of our Zelda Tutorial to learn how to cut and shape a straight Bob. 

Sylvia Sherwood 

Grace in (CL-064) Light Copper Red or Luthien in (CL-017B) Pink Pearl

The beautiful tall woman’s hair is described as Strawberry Blonde, although in pictures it looks more like a Light Copper. So Our Light Copper Red or Pumpkin could be a good choice. If a more Pinkish shade is preferred, our Pink Pearl could provide a good color.
The Grace would come with perfect curls that don’t even need trimming, whereas the Luthien would need a bit of trimming and adjusting the bangs. 

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