Jujutsu Kaisen: Wig Suggestion Guide

Jujutsu Kaisen: Wig Suggestion Guide


Yuji Itadori/Sukuna: Kai

Our Kai comes in perfect shape to create Yuji's hairstyle! The top can be fluffed up with heat from a hairdryer and trimmed to match Yuji or Sakuna’s looks. If looking for another option, our Kyle would be a good alternative. 


Megumi Fushiguro: Caine or Derek in Black

Our Caine and Derek styles are very similar. The main difference is that Caine has a lightly teased top while Derek has a button top. Use heat and some texturing if needed to style the spikes! Our Trish Una tutorial demonstrates techniques for shaping lightly curled spikes.


Nobara Kugisaki: Skyelar in Sandy Brown or Warm Light Brown

Our Skyelar has a slight wave that can be smoothed straight with heat from a flat iron or steamer. Our Inigo would also be a great choice with a little trimming. Our straightening tutorial offers great advice using using three different methods.


Satoru Gojo: Caine or Kyle in Silver

When his hair is down, our Caine is a perfect option right out of the bag, but you could also use a Kyle if you prefer. For his spiked look, you can texture the top to make it even fluffier before spiking it like in our Kakashi tutorial

Maki Zenin: Jeannie in Olive

Without the clip-on, Jeannie has a short tail that is perfect for Maki’s hairstyle. Afraid to trim the bangs? Fear not, we have a tutorial for that here



Mai Zenin: Magnum Long in Mirkwood Green or Lulu in Olive

Mai’s hair color is a little darker than Maki’s, which is why we suggest Mirkwood Green! This shade comes in our Magnum Long hairstyle, which frames the face nicely with a little trimming. For minimal styling work, our Lulu style comes in Olive. 


Toge Inumaki: Kyle or Derek in Silver

Kyle and Derek are both great for Toge. Kyle has a shorter undercut around the bottom while Derek is a standard boy cut style. If you need to trim the bangs, some of the tips from this tutorial may come in handy.


Mahito: Venus or Ferrari in Dusty Blue

Ferrari can be straightened with heat and wouldn’t need to be trimmed, but the layers will make it taper more around the ends. For the most accurate result, trim a Venus for the extra volume around the bottom. 


Kasumi Miwa: Nina in Aqua

Nina’s curls can be smoothed straight with a flat iron or steamer, and you can carefully trim in her asymmetrical bangs. If you like our Silky line, the sister color Sky Blue is also available. Use our wig straightening tutorial for tips on using three different method.


Noritoshi Kamo - Ken or Westley in Black

Ken is a lacefront while Westley is a non-lace option with a skin top. The skin top on Westley comes parted on the side, but you can part it at the middle instead using heat from a hairdryer. To trim the back and make it nice and slick, our Rufus Shinra tutorial has some handy tips.


Aoi Todo - Viktor or Jeannie Base in Black

Viktor is a ponytail-ready lacefront but our Jeannie is also a great non-lace option. You can style the bangs of the Jeannie back into the base tail with heat from a hairdryer. Trim the tail shorter and curl with a little heat! Here is a quick guide for using heat on heat-resistant fibers.


Momo - Grace or Miles in Champagne

While we do have a specialty high pigtail style called Chibi, Momo has less of a bang. You can create a high pigtail style of your own on a Grace using this handy tutorial.

Alternatively, start with a short base like Miles and make the pigtails as separate pieces. The top of the Miles has a skin top so you can part the front down the center with a hairdryer. The tails might need some kind of wire support to stay up. Our Link bun tutorial has some tips for quick wire and foam core supports for a stylized look.


Kento Nanami - Miles or Landon in Champagne

Miles has a skin top along the front hairline while Landon is a lacefront. You can style the front to either side or back with heat from a hairdryer. New to lacefronts? Here’s how to wear one!

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