InuYasha: Wig Suggestion Guide

InuYasha: Wig Suggestion Guide


Wig Suggestions: Venus Classic in Silver or Venus Silky in Sterling

Our Venus style is a perfect choice for Inuyasha! Pure White and Snow White will appear more striking, while Silver and Sterling will have more depth in photos. For an even fluffier look, tease or texture some of the inner layers of the back. Hee-Hee has an amazing tutorial featuring two wigs combined together for Inuyasha here.

Looking for more teasing tutorials? Our tutorials for teasing ponytails and bangs give great advice.



Wig Suggestions: Nina or Stevie in Black

The curls at the ends of our Nina can be smoothed straight with heat if desired. Our Stevie style is a good length for Kagome as well regardless if you decide to keep the texture or smooth it.

If you need some advice on styling fluffy anime bangs or heat styling wigs, take a look at our expert tutorials.



Wig Suggestions: Venus Classic in Silver or Venus Silky in Sterling

Like our suggestion for Inuyasha, Pure White and Snow White will appear more striking, while Silver and Sterling will have more depth in photos. Our Delilah style is a closer length, but our Venus is the top choice because it is a bit easier to manage. If you're looking to detangle those locks, view our tutorial for untangling tips. You can also pre-treat wigs with fabric softener for easier wear.



Wig Suggestions: Venus or Jeannie in Deep Brown

Our Jeannie style comes with a clip-on ponytail that can be secured above its own shorter base tail. This will be a more advanced style to wear due to its unique sizing options and weight. We highly recommend wearing a wig grip to help minimize sliding. For beginners, it might be easier to use a short base like our Priscilla plus a Mid Clip Ponytail. These ponytail options are for her demon slayer suit; for her traveling costume, we recommend the Venus style. Our tutorial gives a quick trick for creating the loose shape in the back.



Wig Suggestions: Vivien or Derek in Black

For Miroku’s slim ponytail, our Vivien would be less thick compared to something like our Inigo or Mangum Long. Alternatively, you could use a short style such as our Derek and make the tail out of a couple clip-in extensions.



Wig Suggestions: Jeannie in Warm Light Brown or Jeannie Base in Sandy Brown

Our normal Jeannie comes with a ponytail clip-on and more color options, but we also carry the base on its own if you are on a budget. For beginners, you might also consider a short wig base such as our Derek paired with a short clip. For a fluffier look, tease the base tail or the clip-on’s tail. Our tutorial shows you how.

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