Link: Wig Suggestion Guide

Link: Wig Suggestion Guide

Link's hairstyle is mostly the same throughout the franchise: fluffy bangs with longer pieces framing the sides of his face. Our Jaguar style is the perfect choice, and you can use a blonde of your preference for multiple versions featuring his iconic green cap. If you're wanting an exact match for a specific game, here are our recommendations!


The Legend of Zelda

Wig Suggestion: Jaguar in Spanish Brown or Ginger Blonde

Link's sprite features a brown color. While artwork varies, it leans more toward blonde. Warm Light Brown and Sandy Brown would be great in-between options. 


Zelda II

Wig Suggestion: Jaguar in Light Brown or Warm Light Brown

The artwork vs sprite is a bit more consistent this time featuring a lighter brown for both. Light Brown will be more "cool" while Warm Light Brown will be more "warm." 


A Link to the Past / A Link Between Worlds

Wig Suggestions: Jaguar in Ginger Blonde or Magnum in Baby Pink

For whatever reason, the sprite version of Link in Link to the Past has pink hair. The Magnum style comes in Baby Pink, and you could add a few clip-in extensions for longer sides. Ginger Blonde and Sandy Brown will be good matches for the artwork for both titles and the sprite for A Link Between Worlds. This texturing tutorial is handy for adding some extra fluff for the bang.


Ravio (A Link Between Worlds)

Wig Suggestion: Jaguar in Dark Purple

For Link's Lorule counterpart, Dark Purple is a perfect choice!


Link's Awakening / Oracle of Seasons and Ages

Wig Suggestion: Jaguar in Ginger Blonde or Light Blonde

Ginger Blonde is a good match to the artwork for all these handheld titles. However, Link has a brighter golden color in the Link's Awakening remake. Light Blonde has the perfect amount of yellow blended in for this look.


Ocarina of Time / Majora's Mask

Wig Suggestion: Jaguar in Light Blonde

Link's hair is more golden in this title. Light Blonde has the perfect amount of yellow blended in for this look.


Wind Waker / Spirit Tracks / Phantom Hourglass / Four Swords / Minish Cap

Wig Suggestions: Jaguar in Fairy Blonde or Magnum in Yellow

“Toon Link” has the most stylized look of them all. Magnum comes in Yellow if you wanna go all out and add some clip-ins to the sides. Fairy Blonde and Light Blonde are more golden blends if you want to tone it down.


Twilight Princess

Wig Suggestion: Jaguar in Dark Ash Blonde or Desert Brown

Between the artwork and game, Link's hair appears more like a dark blonde or very light brown. Choose Dark Ash Blonde if you interpret the shade as more blonde, or Desert Brown if you're leaning more towards brown.


Skyward Sword

Wig Suggestion: Jaguar in Ginger Blonde or Sandy Brown

Ginger Blonde will fit a more stylized look while Sandy Brown is a tad more natural.


Hyrule Warriors

Wig Suggestion: Jaguar in Light Blonde or Fairy Blonde

Link’s hair is a more golden shade in this title. Light Blonde will be the closest, but you could also go with Fairy Blonde if you want something a little lighter or Pale Blonde for something less bright.


Breath of the Wild

Wig Suggestion: Inigo in Ginger Blonde or Sandy Brown

Ginger Blonde will fit a more stylized look while Sandy Brown is a tad more natural. Our Inigo is perfect with long enough hair in back for his ponytail while still having a lightly teased top for more volume. Our Jareth style is another good option, but it will have more varying layers in the back.

Link does have some extra hairstyles in this game based on his head gear. Perhaps one of the more difficult (but also popular) ones is his Sheikah set. We have a tutorial here using an Ayumi paired with wefts for the bun.


Shadow/Dark Link

Wig Suggestion: Jaguar in Silver or Black

Shadow Link normally has Black or Dark Purple hair in the main Zelda titles. It's Silver in Super Smash Brothers and for the Dark Link Breath of the Wild gear set.



Wig Suggestion: Ayumi in Fairy Blonde

Our Ayumi's longer sides are perfect for Linkle's braids!


Animated Series Link

Wig Suggestions: Inigo in Dark Brown or Magnum Long in Deep Brown

Animated Link's is longer in back and a darker brown shade. Our Inigo or Magnum Long would be great choices.


CD-i Link

Wig Suggestion: Inigo in Ginger Blonde

For a longer and fuller bang, add some wefts! See our tutorial for how texturing can add even more volume.

Need a suggestion for Zelda? We’ve got a guide here!

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