Sk8 The Infinity: Wig Suggestion Guide

Sk8 The Infinity: Wig Suggestion Guide

Reki Kyan: Caine or Hansel in Rust Red

The layering and light curls of our Hansel make it an excellent out-of-the-bag option. Our Caine style has a lightly teased top, which will give you more fluffy volume around the crown. Jaguar is a longer and thicker version of the Caine if you want a bit more hair to work with. Our Kakashi Tutorial demonstrates how you can add texture for more fluffy spikes.



Langa Hasegawa: Caine in Periwinkle or Jaguar in Denim Blue

Both Caine and Jaguar have lightly teased tops, which help hide the wig’s cap when parted down the center. Caine won’t need much styling, but it might be a tad short in the front. Jaguar comes in both Periwinkle and Denim Blue if you want an accurate length and don’t mind a little trimming around the sides. 



Miya Chinen: Jaguar or Magnum Long in Black

Miya has a bit of a mullet in the back, which is why Jaguar or Magnum Long are great choices with a little trimming. Jaguar has a lightly teased top while Magnum Long has a button top at the crown. Learn some different methods for Creating an Ahoge.



Hiromi Higa: Kyle or Miles in Pumpkin

You can cut away the bottom halves of these styles and apply the top to a shaved head or bald cap with a prosthetic adhesive such as Spirit Gum. Kyle has a lightly teased top and lots of volume while Miles has a skin top. You can use heat from a hairdryer to part these styles down the middle. Our Spiking Tutorial is handy if you want to spike it for his wild look.



Kaoru Sakurayashiki: Buttercup in Baby Pink or Luthien in Serah Pink

Buttercup comes in Baby Pink for Kaoru’s loose hairstyle. Serah Pink is an even closer shade and comes in our Luthien style. Luthien has extra length to work with, which is great for his high ponytail look. You can use extra wefts or this handy trick from our Kai'sa Tutorial to tie it up.



Kojiro Nanjo: Vivien or Jaguar in Deep Emerald

Kojiro has a bit of a mullet in the back. Jaguar is close, but the Vivien would have more length to work with if you don’t mind some extra trimming. 



Ainosuke Shindo: Kyle or Jaguar in Cobalt Blue

Our Kyle has a shorter undercut and a fluffy top that can be styled in Ainosuke’s normal look with some heat work. For his skater design, you’ll want something a bit longer such as our Jaguar style. Our Kakashi Tutorial demonstrates how you can add texture for more fluffy spikes.



Tadashi Kikuchi: Derek in Black

Derek would be good to go out of the bag!


Shokichi Oka: Kyle in Light Brown

Our Kyle has lots of fluffy hair on top with a shorter undercut around the bottom. 

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