Kuroko's Basketball: Wig Suggestion Guide

Kuroko's Basketball: Wig Suggestion Guide

Kuroko Tetsuya

Magnum Long in (CL-029) Powder Blue or Caine in (CL-030) Aqua

The unique player has a quite simple hairstyle with powderish blue hair. A Caine would already be the right length and comes in Aqua. If you want a lighter Powder Blue, go for the Magnum long and trim it. Check out our Bishounen Tutorial to get his bangs correct! 


Kagami Taiga 

Hansel in (Cl-005A) Rust Red and (CL-077A) Cool Dark Brown

Kagami's hair color is as wild as his temper with red on top and cool dark brown underneath. For his look you would need to splice two wigs into one and our Hansels would be a good match for that. Just thin the tips and straighten them, but of course you can use every base you like as a combination. 
Our Two Tone Wig Tutorial might be a good help in that case! 



Midorima Shintaro

Caine in (CL-046B) Grass Green 

Our color Grass Green was invented for Midorima so it is a perfect choice. With our Caine you don’t even need to trim a lot until you’re ready to point for your team. 



Aomine Daiki

Jett in (CL-039) Raven or Lulu in (CL-038) Dark Blue 

Aomine is known as the Ace and his short Dark Blue hairstyle is fitting his cat like appearance. You can either go for an already short but more scruffy style with the Jett or for a sleek style that needs trimming with our Lulu. 



Kise Ryouta

Magnum Long in (CL-055A) Champagne or (CL-056) Fairy Blonde 

Kise works as a model and so his hair is on point as well.  A Magnum Long would suit him well either in Fairy Blonde or Champagne if you want to keep his hair color more natural. The already feathery cut of the Magnum makes it easy to get his hairstyle right. 



Murasakibara Atsushi

Magnum Long in (CL-023) Grape or Viktor in (CL-019) Nightshade 

Murasakibara is the largest member of the Wonder Generation and his hairstyle varies throughout the anime. For his loose, open style, a Magnum long would be a good grab. When he wears his ponytail, with the front tied back too, a Viktor could be a good companion after a trim! 



Akashi Seijuro

Caine in (CL-004) Apple Red or Magnum Long in (CL-006B) Berry

The former captain has a very flashy hair color varying between Berry and Apple Red whatever suits your wishes better! The Caine already comes in the perfect length. The Magnum Long would need some trimming to get his short hairstyle like Kuroko’s. 



Riko Aida 

Magnum Long or Magnum in (CL-072) Light Brown 

Seirin’s Manager is a strong woman with a short layered bob style. A Magnum would already come in the right length. If you want her longer hair, a Magnum Long would be suitable. 



Momoi Satsuki

Grace in (CL-011) Bubblegum or Luthien in (CL-013) Serah Pink

Momoi is a beautiful young woman and Too Academy’s manager. Her hair is long and flowy, depending on the length a Grace or a Luthien would be a fitting choice. They just need some straightening and thinning to make her hair look more flowy. If you want a low maintenance wig, go for the Silky option of the Luthien.

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