Tokyo Revengers: Wig Suggestion Guide

Tokyo Revengers: Wig Suggestion Guide

Takemichi Hanagaki

Phoenix in (CL-060) Light Blonde or Ken in (CL-057) Pale Blonde 

The main protagonist has bright Blonde hair in his younger days with a fluffy top and slicked back sides. The Ken could be trimmed and styled easily for this hairstyle, if you’re on a budget a Phoenix would work out too. For his adult version, a Hansel in Black would be the perfect match. 

Why not check out our Takemichi Tutorial



Hinata Tachibana

Inigo in (CL-012) Light Pink or Venus in (CL-010) Princess Pink 

Takemichi’s former girlfriend has a very distinctive hair color. For her young version, an Inigo would be a good choice whether in Light or Princess Pink. For her adult version, a Venus would be a good match (maybe with a few strands salvaged to make her bangs longer). 



Manjiro Sano 

Bucky or Westley in (CL-055A) Champagne

Manjiro has a lot of different appearances, depending on the timeline, but his most well known style could be achieved with a Bucky that is trimmed and tied at the top in a small man bun. Also, his adult appearance can be achieved with that when the hair is fully trimmed and slicked back or using a Cady.

When you're on a budget, a Westley would be a good choice with some teasing to fluff out the sides. 

For his alternate timeline styles, a Kyle would be good in Black or Pure White. 



Ken Ryuguji

Dany in (CL-055A) Champagne 

Ken has two bald sidecuts that could only be achieved through wearing a bald cap or being bald and putting a strip of hair on top of either your head or the bald cap and gluing it with spirit gum or lace tape.

Part of a Dany would be a good choice, as his remaining hair is tied into a braid and slicked back. 



Keisuke Baji 

Dany or Grace in (CL-078) Black 

Keisuke's hairstyle is very easily achieved with a Dany or a Grace when you’re on a budget. The parting of the wigs makes it easy to get his middle parting. The roots on the forehead need some teasing to get them to stand and the tips some thinning to get the weight down. Additionally, the curls can be flattened a bit with a blowdryer, leaving his slight waves at the tips. 

Checkout our Sailor Neptune Tutorial for some ideas how to achieve his bangs with a Grace. 

Atsushi Sendo

Jareth in (CL-005A) Rust Red or (CL-002) Maroon

He has a very prominent pompadour in a color described as Plum but it looks more like a reddish brown. So, Maroon or Rust Red would be a good choice for that. As a base, a Jareth might be a good choice, as it can be curled, teased, and fluffed into the pompadour hairstyle and pinned back with bobby pins as he has in his hair. Our Mondo Owada Tutorial can be a good guide for a Pompadour! 


Nahoya Kawata

Inigo in (CL-062A) Light Peach or Magnum in (CL-062) Peach

Nahoya’s hair is extremely fluffy and would require some good backcombing to get his round shape of hair. Depending on which color you choose, either a Magnum or an Inigo would be good matches. If you’d like to dye a wig, a Jareth or Nigel could have enough thickness. Crimping might be a good option here! 



Takashi Mitsuya 

Hansel or Landon in (CL-081A) Twilight Grey 

Takashi’s hair is super short and scruffy, but his hair color is a perfect match to our Twilight Grey! You can use a Landon for a very natural front or a Hansel if you’re on a budget and backcomb the front to make it look more natural or glue a fake hairline.



Kazutora Hanemiya

Jareth in (CL-078) Black and Wefts in (CL-055) Lemon Drop

His hair is blunt cut at the tips with distinctive bright yellow blonde streaks on top. A Jareth would be a good match to get his spikes and length right, for the colored streaks just add some wefts in Lemon Drop, Yellow or Light Blonde, depending on your preference. 



Chifuyu Matsuno 

Kyle in (CL-056) Fairy Blonde or (CL-055A) Champagne

Chifuyu’s hair is fluffy and hanging in his face with a dark blonde colored undercut. Our Kyle is a perfect match; the undercut can just be tinted with hair chalk or an airbrush. We do not recommend Rit dye on this unless you can and want to curl back all the short fiber in the back.



Taiju Shiba 

Dany or Grace in (CL-038) Dark Blue + Wefts in (CL-083) Pure White or (CL-028) Periwinkle

Taiju’s hair is a wild mane of dark blue and white or light blue streaks. This can be accomplished with a Dany plus added wefts. As his hair is slightly slipped back, a lacefront would be the easiest way, however, you can also utilize a Grace if you’re on a budget! Our Ventilating Tutorial as well as our Ibuki Wig Tutorial might help with adding the white strands. 



Yuzuha Shiba 

Grace in (CL-063) Papaya 

The young and beautiful sister of Taiju is described as having ginger hair. For her style, a Grace in Papaya would be the best match. If you’d rather go for Light Peach and you got some styling experience you can also go for an Inigo and short wefts or clip in extensions in Light Peach. 

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