The World Ends With You - Wig Suggestion Guide

The World Ends With You - Wig Suggestion Guide

Neku Sakuraba

Wig Suggestions: Jaguar or Jareth in Fire Orange or Light Copper Red

Our Jaguar is the perfect length with some teasing and styling, but a Jareth would have more length and volume to work with overall. Pumpkin is available in the Jaguar if you want a more “natural” orange shade.

Looking to learn some expert spiking tips and tricks? Check out our Sora or Fluffy Spikes tutorial!


Shiki Misaki

Wig Suggestion: Ferrari in Wine or Maroon

When the waves of a Ferrari are straightened, you can have a beautiful layered style that is longer than our Jareth and thinner on top, making wearing a hat a bit easier.

Check out our heat styling video for straightening and curling info.

It's more difficult to have stylized, gravity defying waves that will stick out just like Shiki's, but this could be achieved with wire supports or by adding texture to allow hairspray an easier time to hold the curl together.


Wig Suggestions: Inigo in Aria Blonde OR Jaguar in Victory Blonde or Light Grey 

Joshua’s hair color is closest to Aria Blonde, which comes in our Inigo style if you enjoy trimming and curling. If so, this tutorial is perfect for tips and tricks! For minimal styling, our Jaguar style comes in Victory Blonde and Light Grey, which would only need some trimming and curling at the sides.


Wig Suggestion: Jett in Champagne or Fairy Blonde

Beat’s hair is mostly hidden by a hat, so you can go with just about any short blonde style you like! We recommend our Jett but Caine and Derek would also be good options. Champagne is a more natural golden color while Fairy Blonde is more stylized.


Wig Suggestion: Heidi in Champagne or Fairy Blonde

We love our Heidi for Rhyme! Like Beat, Rhyme’s hair is mostly under a hat, but you can see more of the style overall. Choose champagne for a more natural golden color or Fairy Blonde if you like a more stylized look.

Sho Minamimoto

Wig Suggestions: Jaguar or Magnum Long in Grey

Both the Jaguar and Magnum Long are great options for Sho. Jaguar is a pre-teased top style, and Magnum Long has a button top at the crown. You can't miss with these!

Sanae Hanekoma

Wig Suggestions: Chris or Jett in Black

Chris is a lacefront with a more natural hairline. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly style, use our Jett and style up the front with heat from a hair dryer and some hairspray.


Megumi Kitaniji

Wig Suggestions: Dany or Grace in Black

Dany is a excellent lacefront option with loose waves while Grace is a more budget-friendly option with a skin top. Both would need some trimming for an accurate length. This helpful tutorial is for bangs, but the same trimming techniques can be used to achieve the perfect length as well.

Koki Kariya

Wig Suggestions: Jareth in Fire Orange OR Morpheus in Pumpkin

Morpheus is a lacefront that has reverse wefts in back, which is perfect for this type of style! Texturing the hair first will make it easier to keep the style up with hairspray. Jareth doesn’t have the unique wefting in back, but it has similar volume and length for styling if you’re on a budget.

Uzuki Yashiro

Wig Suggestions: Inigo in Wine OR Heidi in Maroon

An Inigo or Ferrari would be great options with some trimming. Our Heidi in Maroon is also great length if you're looking for something a bit more red. Wine is the closest color option, but style choices are a little more limited. 

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