Our Flag Means Death: Wig Suggestion Guide

Our Flag Means Death: Wig Suggestion Guide

Stede Bonnet 

Rhys and Stede Sideburns

For our favorite Gentleman Pirate the best choice is our new Rhys that’s specially made for Stede. It’s the best choice in color and style. Alternatively a Ken in Pale Blonde if you like it more yellowish and in Champagne when you want to go for a more natural blonde would be good! Our fitting sideburns are matched to the Pale Blonde Rhys. Check out the Stede Tutorial to learn how to style his neat hairstyle. 


Edward Teach 

Lindsay in (CL-079) Ash Black and Blackbeard beard

The infamous Blackbeard has a nice wavy mane of salt and pepper hair. The beachy waves of our Lindsay are a perfect start for Edward Teach, born on a beach. Add some of our Hair chalk, like in our Hairchalk Tutorial, in white and Grey to make it look more natural. Our Blackbeard beard is also matched to our Ash Black color and makes the set complete.


Izzy Hands 

Isa and Izzy beard

For Blackbeards furious First Mate, we specifically designed a wig that’s a mix of (CL-079) Ash Black and (CL-078) Black to give it a natural aged look. Add some extra gray strands and Hair Chalk to accentuate the grayish parts he has in the front. We also have got Izzy - a set of mustache, sideburns and goatee - for him that completes the look. 

Jim Jimenez 

Skyelar in (CL-077) Deep Brown or Amber in (CL-077) Deep Brown

Depending on how long the hair has to be, a Skyelar or the longer version Amber would be a good choice for Jim’s natural, layered look. With the hat, a Lacefront is not necessary, but if a lacefront is chosen a straightened Bucky would be a good choice for them. 

Oluwande Boodhari

Landon in (CL-078) Black 

Oluwande has very very short hair and tight curls. If you're not using your own hair, that can either be achieved from wig hair or crocheted yourself like in our Crochet Afro Tutorial

Lucius Spriggs


The fancy scribe has a short, swept back hairstyle with a curl in the front. The Lucius in Cool Dark Brown would be our first choice. The Landon would be a good back-up and won’t need much trimming.


Vern in (CL-077) Deep Brown or Bucky in (CL-077) Deep Brown

The friendly bard has fluffy afro curls. For him, either a Vern could be trimmed shorter or a Bucky curled into his tight curls. 


Bucky in (CL-078) Black 

The ship's cook and surgeon has very tight curls, but they are longer than Frenchie's. The best bet would be to recurl a Bucky into his tight Afro curls. 

The Swede 

Bucky in (CL-054) Titanium Blonde or Skyelar in (CL-054) Titanium Blonde 

The Swede has typical Nordic blonde hair that’s quite thin and held with a headband. A Bucky could be straightened and already has nice layers. A Skyelar would be a fine choice when you’re on a budget. 

Calico Jack 

Skyelar in (CL-071) Sandy Brown or Bucky in (CL-072) Light Brown

Ed’s unpleasant friend has very scruffy, layered hair and depending on personal choice either Light Brown or Sandy Brown would be fine. 

Mary Bonnet 

Nina in (CL-073A) Cool Brown or (CL-077A) Cool Dark Brown

The widow Bonnet has a cute little fringe framing her face. With her hair down, Nina looks like a perfect choice. It can also be pulled up into an updo. Some extra wefts can be added for thicker curls.

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