Yu Yu Hakusho: Wig Suggestion Guide

Yu Yu Hakusho: Wig Suggestion Guide

Yusuke Urameshi

Landon or Cady in (CL-078) Black or Phoenix in (CL-078) Black 

The main character has jet black swept back hair with a distinctive hairline. Lacefronts would be best for that as they can be plugged and ventilated as needed. If you’re on a budget a Phoenix in Black can be nicely transformed!


Kazuma Kuwabara 

Kyle or Jess in (CL-066) Pumpkin 

Another of the main characters with a very flashy pompadour style. A Kyle or a Jess would be a perfect base for that, already featuring an undercut. Follow our pompadour tutorial here: Danganronpa: Mondo Owada Wig Tutorial



Venus in (CL-006B) Berry or Jareth Long in (CL-003) Crimson
He is the third main protagonist and his hairstyle is very fluffy and spiky. Our Venus is full of fiber and with a good teasing and trimming it can be transformed into his style easily. If you go for a more fluffy style you can use a Jareth Long in Crimson, just use some neck hair or wefts for his two strands in the front and you are good to go! 

We even already have a  Yu Yu Hakusho: Kurama Wig Tutorial on our channel!



Morpheus or Malinda in (CL-078 Black) 

His hairstyle is very spiky and gravity defying, but our Morpheus (or Malinda when on a budget) are equipped with reverse wefts to help fight gravity! With some teasing and got2be glued his hairstyle is reachable for you! 




Jeannie in (CL-030) Aqua 

Our Jeannie is perfect for her classic ponytail. With some teasing and thinning as well as some extra wefts her bangs can be easily fluffed. 


Venus or Luthien in (CL-043A) Arcadia

Yukinas hairstyle is very 90s Anime branded and needs a lot of fluffing and teasing to get those bangs up. The color Arcadia is a perfect match for her stunning green hair, although you can also use (CL-043) Teal if it’s supposed to be a bit more blueish. 

Make sure to check out our Shampoo Tutorial for fluffy, 80s style bangs.  


Jareth or Nigel in (CL-004) Apple Red

Jin is a Demon and has very fluffy hair like his wind abilities. It is bright and vivid Red so our Apple Red colour is an ideal choice. You can choose between a Jareth and a Nigel, depending on how full and fluffy your wig is supposed to be. 

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