Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Shinra Wig Suggestion Guide

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Shinra Wig Suggestion Guide

Rufus Shinra

Wig Suggestions: Ken or Blue Steele in Dark Ash Blonde or Ash Blonde

Our Ken style would need some trimming overall, but it does have a slight widow’s peak in the front and longer hair on the sides for Rufus’s signature bang. His hair color is lighter or darker depending on the scene, but Ash Blonde and Dark Ash Blonde appear to be good options.

Our Landon would be a good out-of-the bag alternative if you prefer minimal trimming, and you could add some wefts or clip-in extensions for a longer bang. Here is a great video to show you how.

For a non-lace alternative, we recommend our Blue Steele if you wish to do minimal styling, or our Jaguar has a lightly teased top that is easier to part on the side.



Wig Suggestion: Vegas in Rust Red

Our Vegas style was designed with Reno in mind! This style is available in Rust Red, which is closest to his remake color.

You can use some heat from a hair dryer to train the front back before spiking, and our Sora tutorial shows multiple ways you could style spikes to a wig.



Wig Suggestions: Renee or Anne in Black or Deep Brown

Our Renee style will have a more natural hairline shape, while the Anne has more length to work with. You could alternatively use our Tauriel style and pluck the hairline down for a slightly cheaper option. If you don’t want a lacefront, our Buttercup and Grace styles have a skin top in front that would allow you to more easily train the hair back with heat. His hair is normally interpreted as black, but Deep Brown or Cool Dark Brown could be good options as well depending on your preference.

Looking for tips on using heat on our wigs? Check out our heat styling tutorial.



Wig Suggestions: Glatzan Bald Cap or Latex Rubber Bald Cap

Obviously Rude doesn’t need a wig, but we can’t leave him out!

We carry Kryolan bald caps in two options, and you’ll need to use makeup to blend them with your own skin tone. The Kryolan website has some tips for how to apply them.



Wig Suggestion: Westley in Ash Blonde or Champagne

We might not see Elena in the first chapter of the remake, but based on her appearance from the original game and Advent Children we think our Westley style would be a great choice! Westley has a skin top in the front so you can heat-train the bangs to either side with a hair dryer. Our Jaguar, Ken, or Yuri plus wefts would also be suitable options depending on your budget and the amount of trimming and styling you’re comfortable with.

See our Tutorial Master List for a variety of trimming and other styling tutorials!

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