Wig Suggestion Guide: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Parts 4-5

Wig Suggestion Guide: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Parts 4-5

Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable


Higashikata Josuke (Jojo)

Wig Suggestions: Jareth or Virginia in Dark Purple

Jareth will have more fluff to work with for the pompadour while Virginia has more length on top and is a lace front. Our Phoenix style is similar to the Jareth and comes in Deep Purple. You can style tight curls to get the top texture of the pompadour before smoothing some hair up around the sides of the shape. The back will need to be trimmed and slicked back with some heat from a hairdryer. Set with a strong hairspray!

Watch our custom styling tutorial for Josuke here!



Higashikata Tomoko

Wig Suggestions: Virginia in Deep Purple or Westley in Plum

Our Virginia style is a lace front, while the Westley is a more budget-friendly option with a skin top. You can style the front of the Westley back with heat from a hairdryer.

For a less dramatic shape in Virginia’s widow’s peak, you can pluck it.



Hirose Koichi

Wig Suggestion: Cady in Light Grey

This character has a few hairstyle variations, and our Cady is a great choice for all of them! You might choose Fairy Blonde or Pale Blonde based on some artwork references. 

For fluffier spikes, texture the hair like in this tutorial or style with wavy spikes!



Nijimura Okuyasu

Wig Suggestions: Kyle with Black top and Grey undercut

Thanks to Kyle’s two-tone options, you don’t need to do any dyeing or splicing for this look! Trim and curl the top before shaping it. 



Kishibe Rohan

Wig Suggestions: Kyle in Olive or Jaguar in Dark Green

Rohan’s hair color varies between anime and manga references. Some of the more popular interpretations are Mako Green, Dark Green, or Olive. Kyle is great out of the bag for the volume and undercut while our Jaguar has more length on top for a dramatic swoop of hair. If you don’t mind trimming, our Phoenix style comes in Mako Green and has plenty of volume around the crown area. For fluffier spikes, texture the hair like in this tutorial.



Yamagishi Yukako

Wig Suggestions: Ororo or Arwen in Black

Arwen is a lace front while Ororo is a long wavy style with no bangs. Yukako also has white/silver hair in some references. Our Ororo style is also available in our Silky line!



Sugimoto Reimi

Wig Suggestions: Whitney in Pale Pink or Natalee

If you don’t mind trimming, our Natalee is a lace front in a lovely shade of pink. Our Whitney style will be shorter and can be straightened with heat, but Pale Pink will be a tad lighter than most references. Our Matilda comes in Bubblegum if you want a cheaper lace front style, and our Skyelar comes in Light Pink if you’re on a budget. 


Hazekura Mikitaka

Wig Suggestions: Tauriel or Anne in Titanium Blonde

Tauriel and Anne are both long lace fronts. Our Le Tigre is available in Frost Blonde or Mica in our Silky line if you’re on a budget. His hair is also shown in silver/white.If you train the front of the Le Tigre back with heat, you can create a fake hairline using this tutorial.


Yoshikage Kira

Wig Suggestions: Miles in Pale Blonde or Marty in Black

Kira has three different hairstyles, so let’s go over them one by one!

  • His blonde look is closer to Pale Blonde or Light Blonde depending on the reference. Our Miles style comes in Pale Blonde, and it has a skin top that allows you to part it at the center. If you want a lace front, our Ken style comes in this color if you don’t mind trimming. 
  • Our Marty in Black is perfect for his black hairstyle. Our Jett is another good choice if you are on a budget. Fluff up with a hairdryer before spiking.
  • Landon in Silver or White are great for his third style. Miles will be the budget-friendly choice. Hand-color the streaks with sharpie markers or hair chalk after curling, or you can glue in strands cut from a few clip-in extensions.


Part 5: Vento Aureo


Giorno Giovanna (Gio Gio)

Wig Suggestions: Jareth Long in Pale Blonde or Fairy Blonde

Our Jareth Long has fluffy layers on top as well as plenty of length in the back for his braid. You could use a pack of extra wefts for the donuts. Roll and pin in place like you would with victory rolls, or glue them to foam for a more stylized look. Silver and Light Grey are also used in some references instead of blonde.

Watch our custom styling tutorial for Giorno here, or view our victory rolls tutorial and foam tutorial for more tips.



Bruno Bucciarati

Wig Suggestions: Katinka or Heidi in Black

Heidi is the closest style out of the bag but has a more feathered bang while the Katinka has a blunt bang but longer side pieces for an easy asymmetrical cut. Both of these styles come in Raven as well if you want a blue tint. 



Leone Abbachio

Wig Suggestions: Buttercup or Renee in Silver

Our Renee style is a lace front while the Buttercup is a non-lace style with a versatile skin top. The top color seems to be a separate piece you can make and heat-shape out of thin foam, but you could also color that section of your wig with sharpie markers, hair chalk, or color spray with a stencil. Our color spray tutorial has a great stencil demo.



Narancia Ghirga

Wig Suggestions: Caine in Black or Jaguar in Dark Purple

The layers and length of our Caine style make it a perfect choice for this character! Our Jaguar comes in Dark Purple if you want a little bit of color and don’t mind trimming the sides and front. 

We have a handy tutorial for trimming the front of a Jaguar for a similar look.



Pannacotta Fugo

Wig Suggestions: Jareth in Ginger Blonde

Our Jareth’s volume and lightly teased top are excellent for a style like this. You can also use white/silver to match other references. Check out our fluffy spikes tutorial for more tips and tricks!



Trish Una

Wig Suggestions: Jaguar in Hot Pink or Derek in Rose Pink

Our Jaguar style is excellent for the longer bang in front, and it comes in Hot Pink and Raspberry. Our Derek comes in Rose Pink and Hot Pink, which are closer colors to the majority of her reference images. You may want a pack of extra wefts to style her front swoop if you choose the Derek style. View our Trish Una styling tutorial here!



Vinegar Doppio

Wig Suggestions: Grace in Rose Pink or Ami in Hot Pink

Ami is a premium lace front, which allows versatility if you want to pluck a unique hairline shape. Our Grace style is a non-lace alternative with a skin top along the front hairline. 

Parting any wig style for this character is going to show gaps, but texturing or careful hair placement can help minimize this. This tutorial uses wefts to create custom parts. One of our previous Iron Wig winners made a handy skin top tutorial using glue and tights. You can also use tricks like these to fluff out the braid.




Wig Suggestions: Eowyn in Serah Pink or Magenta

Eowyn features the largest skin top out of all our wig styles. This makes zig-zag top parts easy to achieve with some heat from a hair dryer or steamer. Diavolo’s hair color varies between references, and the Eowyn comes in Pale Lilac as well f you’re leaning more violet. Grace comes in Rose Pink and Buttercup comes in Baby Pink; these styles have a smaller skin top in front but would need careful placement or parted sections added to get the deep zig-zag look. Matilda comes in Hot Pink; this lace front is thick enough on top that it’s a tad easier to part with minimal gaps if you use careful placement. Learn how our skin top wigs can be styled here or uses wefts to create custom parts. One of our previous Iron Wig winners made a handy skin top tutorial using glue and tights.

For the spots, you can hand-color with sharpie markers, hair chalk, or color spray with a stencil. Our color spray tutorial also has a stencil demo.

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