WWWIP 2018 Week 2: Crimsyn

WWWIP 2018 Week 2: Crimsyn

Artwork by Zach Fischer Designs

Light Fury Transformation

Post #2: Patterning and Foam

Hi Everyone!
This week I have been busy patterning the entire costume! I try and do at least an hour of patterning a day, so that I can have everything ready to cut when the materials come in the mail. Also, I will have a calendar at the end of this week to try and keep everything organized as well as keep myself on task!

I use the “Cling-Wrap and Tape” method for most of my armor patterning. I find this to be the easiest and quickest way to create the patterns for a majority of the armored costumes I create. I’ve patterned every armor part of this costume except for the breastplate. Since I am doing a drag transformation for this costume, I do not have a true bust to work with. Therefore, I need to re-design the chest area of Zach Fischer’s design with more coverage in order to sell the illusion properly. But, I will address this situation in a later week after I dive into mapping out all the padding and understructure to this costume.

Additionally, I have started cutting most of the armor pattern pieces out of craft foam. I’ve also been putting together a little graphic for my entire WWWIP journey! I really love being a part of these events, and want to make it look more fun and professional. So, behind the scenes, I am working on putting together a little Light Fury graphic to add to these blog posts and my social media. That will hopefully be done soon! :)

Here is the week-by-week calendar I constructed to hopefully keep myself organized! We are already on week 2! Things are happening so quickly! So, here is my plan on how to attack Light Fury:

  • Introduction Post
  • Organize all ideas for the project and start ordering materials
  • Patterning Week
  • Patterning all Armor Pieces & Sewing Pieces
  • Understructure & Makeup Week
  • Create the body shape using pads and other drag tricks
  • Start designing and creating the makeup for Light Fury’s face
  • Armor & Sewing Base Week
  • Have all the armor bases created and ready for detail
  • Have all the sewing fitted and put into the final fabric
  • Wings Week
  • Figure out a proper system for the wings
  • Build the understructure for the wings
  • Armor Detailing Week
  • A whole entire week dedicated to all the intricate details in the armor and even gems!
  • The includes PAINT!
  • Sewing Detailing Week
  • A whole entire week dedicated to sewing all the intricate details into the fabric parts of the costume
  • Wings Week #2
  • Finish out all the necessary details and things for the wings to be complete!
  • Fitting Week
  • Fit the entire costume on and work out any kinks before the convention!
  • Show a makeup and wig update!

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