Malinda Tackles Hyrule's Most Famous Warrior!

Malinda Tackles Hyrule's Most Famous Warrior!
Greetings fellow crafters! I’m Malinda, and my project for WWWIP is Link’s Champion/Hylian attire from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
 Botw Link
I’ve been wanting to tackle this costume since the first trailer. Though I still love the traditional green happens to be my favorite color, and I love capes! But what really sealed the deal was the game itself. With the amount of exploration and different costumes, it was just about everything I wanted in a Zelda game. I’m planning at least one more costume once the Champion tunic is finished.
I’ve got most of my fabrics ready to go. There’s not any noticeable textures in the references, though the beauty of costuming is that you can choose to have more textured materials if you want to make things more interesting or more unique. You might opt for darker or lighter colors, or warmer or cooler tones to fit an aesthetic. Take photos of your fabrics next to each other to make sure everything works together. I am using an Inigo in Ginger Blonde for the wig.
Nintendo’s Link Amiibo
Week 1: Pants and undershirt
Week 2: Tunic and Cape
Week 3: Wig and patterned bracer things
[Holiday Break!]
Week 4: Leather
Week 5: Bow, Arrows, and Quiver
Week 6: Bow, Arrows, and Quiver
Week 7: Bow, Arrows, and Quiver
Week 8: Sword and Shield
Week 9: Sword and Shield
Week 10: Sword and Shield
I’ve prioritized the sewing first, with the props last in case I fall behind schedule.
If you can live without a certain part of your costume at a convention, focus on that part last!
The Sheikah Slate will be made by a talented prop maker, which will save me a lot of time.
Wow, amazing! I am using a jeans pattern for my pants so I’ll have some pockets hiding under my tunic. Pressing fabric can be tedious, but has rewarding results. Stay tuned next week for more progress.

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