WWWIP Week 3: Ali Mahou

WWWIP Week 3: Ali Mahou

Runaan image courtesy of The Dragon Prince
Right photo by Amaleigh Photography

Welcome back everyone!

I’m so excited to share what I made for you this week! I worked on more sewing, focusing accessories like boot covers and gloves. As a cosplayer, my main goals are always to educate, mentor and inspire, so my treat for you this week is a downloadable .PDF pattern for Runaan’s gloves!

“Why are they so special?”, you may be asking. Well, that’s because these gloves are meant to comfortably fit four fingers, for Moonshadow Elf character accuracy!

Image courtesy of The Dragon Prince

I encourage you to download and try the pattern for yourself! Shoutout to the Arda Wigs Canada graphics team for working with me to digitize and provide the pattern to you all for free. We request that you include us (Ali Mahou and Arda Wigs Canada) in your credits when you use the pattern, but we also want you to know that it’s completely free for use, even if you’d like to sell your sewn, final product. In the spirit of sharing cosplay knowledge and encouraging one another, let's keep this pattern free for all.

The pattern is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

License. For more information and to view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/.




    • This glove pattern (with gussets) is meant to comfortably fit FOUR FINGERS, for characters like the Moonshadow Elves from The Dragon Prince.
    • This pattern is an intermediate sewing project.
    • This pattern is suitable for STRETCH, LIGHT STRETCH and also NON-STRETCH fabrics (I use a non-stretch as the mock up example, though a light stretch would be the most comfortable in my opinion)
    • Seam allowance is included (no need to add it!)
    • The coloured broken lines on the pattern are “sew lines” and the symbols (X’s, Squares and Diamonds) are for matching up pieces. I’ve added these to make sewing the gloves an easier experience for you! When the piece is folded, you will match up the sew lines on one side with the mirrored ones. You can use carbon tracing paper or a fabric pencil to mark these lines and symbols or you can just imagine them
  • The colours were chosen to consider and accommodate colour blindness, no two colours should look the same and they should correspond with colour blindness comparison charts
  • If you cannot print in colour, note the colour guides from this PDF. on your printed pattern, as the colours will be very helpful and will be mentioned for each step
    • If you’re unable to print on 11x17 paper, print the pattern as a “Poster” at “Actual Size” and tape your pieces together


    1. Cut out and lay the pattern pieces on your fabric, following the grainlines (the long, grey line with the arrow at the end, labeled “GRAIN”). Pin the pattern down and cut out the pieces.

    1. (Follow the PINK stitch lines on the pattern for this step) Fold the thumb piece (“THUMB” piece 4) in half with right sides together and stitch along the top/side edge, leaving the bottom open so that you can attach the thumb to the base. Don’t forget to turn the thumb right side out.

    1. With the wrong side of the main glove piece (“MAIN FRONT/BACK” piece 1) facing you, first pin, then sew the thumb to the thumb-hole area as you would a sleeve in a sleeve hole, making sure to line up the notches. If this is too small of an area to sew with your machine, you can always hand-sew.

    1. (Follow the GREY stitch lines on the pattern for this step). Fold the main glove piece in half with right sides together and sew up the pinky finger from the small grey “x” to the large grey “X”. For each finger tip, sew between the small grey “x” to the large grey “X”.

    1. (Follow the BLUE stitch lines on the pattern for this step) For the gusset pieces (“GUSSET A” PIECE 2, “GUSSET B” PIECE 3) fold the gussets, right sides together matching up the two small blue x’s and sew up between the large blue “X” to where the the small Blue “x’s” lined up for each gusset. You will be left with two darted gussets in per hand, one that is piece A and one that is piece B, remember which is which (I use a fabric pencil to mark them).

    1. Match each gusset to the corresponding fingers with the symbols and letters.

    Example: Gusset “A” matches with finger space “A” and you have to match the ORANGE diamond on the gusset to the ORANGE diamond on the main glove and the GREEN square on the gusset to the GREEN square on the main glove etc.

    *Take your time with this step! If this is too small of an area to sew with your machine, you can always hand-sew.

    1. Once the gusset pieces are sewn in you can sew up the side of the glove with right sides together, and lastly throw a hem on the edge and you’re all done!

    And here it is!

    If you’d like to adapt this for Rayla cosplay, I would use a thick spandex or scuba knit fabric in the same colour as your skin, and adapt the pattern by tightening the fit, and shortening the arm length to reach just past the wrist so it can be hidden in her arm bands!

    Thanks for reading! And I’ll see you after the holiday break! Have a beautiful holiday season and don’t forget to work on your own WWWIP project!

    - Mahou ☆

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