WWWIP Week 3: Crimsyn

WWWIP Week 3: Crimsyn

Artwork by Zach Fischer Designs

Light Fury Transformation

Post #3: Makeup & Understructure

Hi Everyone!
This week I have been designing the makeup for Light Fury and playing with different body shapes with padding. The makeup design I have been working with is very similar to the Zach Fischer Design, but a bit more detailed and ‘extra.’ Also, by playing around with a couple different body shapes, I have come to the conclusion that a slightly curvy body shape is most appropriate for this costume.


For my look, I have taken inspiration from the white dots on the cheek and the slightly purple tinted contour of the artwork. I wanted to amplify these qualities and really have fun with them. In my design, I really brought color into the cheeks and parts of the forehead and blended a blue pigmented highlight into them to really bring out the cheekbones. Also, I added pearls to the cheeks to give dimension and more highlight as well. There were two major changes I made with the design:

  1. I changed the colors of the brows to more of a grey because I felt as if they were way too strong and wouldn’t match the wig color very well.
  2. I added a white cut-crease instead of a smokey eye. I mainly did this because I am doing drag, so this will make my eyes look larger and add a bit more brightness.



For the body, I played around with my padding, and thought about the important pieces of the costume that needed the shape emphasis. There is a bunch of detail and design on the artwork breastplate, which makes me think padding out my own breast will be important to fit in all of these details. Secondly, there are a couple belts and some fabric at the hips, which makes them look larger. So, instead of padding large hips, it may be more realistic to pad smaller and rely on the costume to give more shape. Lastly, I think the most important part of the understructure is wearing a corset. Not only will it help with the majority of the shape, but it will help with the wings! Wearing a corset will give me a sturdy base to attach a backplate to the costume where the wings will attach. That will be most important for the wings to function properly.

Lastly, the next things I need to work on in my makeup look will be getting contacts and the wig! I think silver/grey contacts and a silver/grey wig will be best to tie everything together!


Here is more of an elaboration onto the understructure and padding I will be wearing for Light Fury. Creating a proper silhouette for any drag character is imperative for selling the illusion of the character transformation. Being able to change your body’s appearance is a major key in cosplaying a different gendered character.

This photo shows the silhouette I have achieved with my padding and corset. I have been playing around with a bunch of different shapes, but this silhouette I have found to be most successful and flattering for my body shape.

Bust: For the bust, I am wearing a black bra with cup size C, which is padding out with 3 circular foam bust inserts in each cup. Since I have broad shoulders, padding the bust out can help proportion my body properly.

Waist: For the waist, I am wearing a size 24 mesh corset from Orchard Corset. This corset is nice because the mesh is thin and is easy to hide underneath clothing.

Hip: For the hips I have created foam hip pads that are placed underneath 8 pairs of tights. I like to wear a large amount of tights to really hide the lumps of the padding in order for the silhouette to be more seamless. However, I may end up wearing less because the costume does cover much of this area.

Overall, this is the silhouette I plan to use with the costume. However, I may invest in a nude bra and corset color if the black shows through the white leotard that is drawn in the costume’s original design.


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